In the current Covid 19 pandemic situation, we are all faced with new challenges on how to be creative and productive so that we are able to be useful and prosper. Thus, LSPR Plaza was established as a form of innovative work that can be a solution to the challenges of the digital socio - economic climate. 


LSPR Plaza is a digital showcase platform with the means of entrepreneurial activities in the LSPR environment that involves students, parents of students, alumni, families of employees and families of lecturers. LSPR Plaza aims to provide space for its members to promote products and work, so they can help one another. This is in accordance with the LSPR Plaza tagline which is “From us to Us”.


Not only limited to the LSPR environment, LSPR Plaza is also accessible by the public in general and friends outside LSPR if they want to buy the displayed products on the LSPR Plaza website. There are wide range of categories including: Food & Beverages, Fashion, Courses, LSPR Vintage, LSPR Merchandise, etc. To find out more about the products and for further information, please kindly visit the LSPR Plaza website and social media.

Due to limitations during the Covid-19 Pandemic, new ideas and breakthroughs from us have emerged to continue to provide services and develop the best facilities in the teaching and learning process at LSPR Communication and Business Institute. We have been innovative, by utilizing qualified digital information technology, in order to support an efficient and effective learning process. Starting initially with a teaching and learning activity program with PJJ (Distance Education) system since 2016, this has encouraged us to keep moving forward until OMNI LSPR emerged.


LSPR OMNI is the process of teaching and learning activities through the Blended Learning method by combining offline and online learning methods which are implemented through Class Based Technology. One of the flagship programs of OMNI LSPR is to invite lecturers from overseas universities to give online lectures to LSPR students. Furthermore, we will also collaborate with partner universities to work together with LSPR lecturers in the teaching field.


Through OMNI LSPR, we hope that LSPR students will gain a broader knowledge and gain perspectives on global horizons. The existence of LSPR OMNI is a manifestation of our aspiration to be able to produce creative, applicative, innovative younger generations by minimizing the constraints of space, distance and time. LSPR OMNI is the starting gate for our readiness to welcome Society 5.0, as well as, forms our contribution in the field of education for the community to a new social system, which integrates cyberspace and physical space.

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Dari kita untuk kita ...

LSPR Plaza Team